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  • Benefits of the Alexander Technique

    From improving your posture to helping you with back pain and stress management, find out how the Alexander Technique can Read More
  • Improving back pain with the Alexander Technique

    If you suffer from back pain, we may be able to help. Find out more about how the Alexander Technique Read More
  • Using the Alexander Technique to deal with stress

    It seems like life has never been busier. Read more about how the Alexander Technique can help you manage and Read More
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  • Since 1974, I have been practising the Alexander Technique with clients of all ages and backgrounds. With a life-time’s teaching experience, I was the first teacher to
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  • Unfortunately, tense muscles, round shoulders and stooping are symptoms of how we unconsciously strain our body when performing ordinary daily activities. The stresses of daily living can
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  • What Happens During an Alexander Technique Lesson? You have decided that you may want to try the Alexander Technique. And you’d like to know what happens during
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