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Since 1974, I have been practising the Alexander Technique with clients of all ages and backgrounds. With a life-time’s teaching experience, I was the first teacher to introduce the Alexander Technique to Ireland.frank kennedy profile

Having been trained by Walter Carrington, one of the world’s leading experts in the technique, my practice is based just outside Dublin City in Mount Merrion.  

My approach is simple. I want to help my clients improve their wellbeing and deal with age-old problems like back pain, muscle tension and stress management. And the correct application of the Alexander Technique can help you do just that. By being more mindful of your posture, balance and co-ordination, you can make subtle but gentle improvements in your day-to-day living and wellbeing.

I am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, the longest established governing body of Alexander Technique Teachers, The Society ensures teachers have attained high standards of expertise and abide by its codes of conduct.

I have had Alexander Technique lessons from leading practitioners on 4 continents. In my opinion, Frank Kennedy is by far the best teacher I have encountered. His methods demystify the process and teach the student how to use the knowledge practically.  Mark Errington Hong Kong



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