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If you experience persistent pain in your neck, it might well be down to poor posture. Often, when we are working on a computer, we automatically jut our chin forward.

Driver with Neck PainMany people are also in the habit of holding the phone between the head and shoulder. And this can be the underlying reason for neck tension and pain.

Our Tip
Don’t jut your chin forward when performing daily activities. Remembering this will relieve tension at the back of the neck.

How we can improve neck pain using the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique will make you more aware of your daily physical movements. We’ll teach you how to move and carry yourself as nature intended.

It is a gentle and effective mind/body method. You will be taught in one-to-one lessons.

You will learn how to consciously release tense muscles. And your posture will improve, helping you to perform daily activities with poise, calm and confidence

Your lessons in the Alexander Technique will be relaxing and energising and are always tailored to individual needs. Throughout the lesson, you’ll remain fully clothed and comfortable attire is recommended.

And remember that The Alexander Technique is not an exercise regime or a therapy. It is a skill for living that can help you to overcome physical strain and stress that may be the cause of your neck pain.

Call Frank Kennedy now and make an appointment to deal with your neck pain

"The effect of the Alexander Technique lessons with Frank Kennedy on my neck and shoulders is miraculous, and I now have the tools to counteract the reality of sitting in front of a computer for hours."
Patricia O’Reilly, writer and lecturer


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