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Office worker experiencing back painIf you have poor posture and slouch in chairs, or crouch over your desk, you may be twisting the spine in wrong ways and it can be at the root of much back pain. Keep in mind that an office worker will spend up to seventy thousand hours in a lifetime sitting at a desk.

Our Tip
If you sit with your legs crossed, back slouched and shoulders hunched, it can have a major impact on your wellbeing. It can restrict internal organs, strain muscles and joints causing you pain and discomfort. We advise that you sit upright and relaxed when possible and do not cross your legs.

How the Alexander Technique can help your back pain?

  • Using the Alexander Technique, we’ll help you identify and then prevent harmful postural habits that may be at the root of your back pain.
  • So many people sit on their lower back. But if you sit right back into your chair, you’ll be sitting on your sitting bones – and this will ease the strain on the back. By making a series of small adjustments like this, we’ll help you tackle back pain and improve your overall well-being.
  • A major clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal shows that people with chronic and recurrent back pain gain long-term benefit from lessons in the Alexander Technique.

You will find lessons in the Alexander Technique to be relaxing and energising. And by tailoring them to your individual needs, we’ll alleviate your back pain using this proven approach.

Using the Alexander Technique may well give you the relief from back pain you need.

We may be able to solve your back pain – contact us today

"I was heading for my second serious back operation until I met Frank. Apart from being an extremely nice person, what Frank has taught me has been literally life changing.

Together we corrected my poor posture habits and released the tension in my muscles with the result that I cancelled my operation.

At the start of my lessons Frank said (jokingly I thought) that I could possibly gain height by rediscovering my natural poise. One year after I started my lessons, incredibly I am one inch taller. I now only visit Frank every two months to reinforce my learning. Thanks again, Frank"
Alan McGilton


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