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If you are a singer or teacher or need to use your voice for prolonged periods on a daily basis, you will know all about vocal strain. A common cause of vocal strain when speaking or singing is when you over-tense your neck and shoulders and jut the chin forward.Woman Singing

Our Tip
When speaking or singing, you should drop your chin slightly and keep your shoulders relaxed.  This helps relieve vocal strain.

How the Alexander Technique can unleash the potential of your voice

  • We will help you identify habits that interfere with the free functioning of your voice, and with a little verbal and skilled guidance, we’ll help you make adjustments.
  • You will learn how to use the voice and your body in a much easier and more co-ordinated manner. By recognising the aspects of your vocalising that are impeding you, we will be able to help you consciously stop doing those things. It is only by stopping the old habits as you use your voice, we can overcome vocal strain.
  • You will learn how to consciously release tense muscles, improve posture and perform daily activities with poise, calm and confidence.

Using one-to-one lessons, The Alexander Technique may well provide the relief from vocal strain you need. The stresses and physical strains of modern living can be quite debilitating and we aim to help you to manage this aspect of daily life with more comfort and control.

Find out how the Alexander Technique can help with your vocal strain – get in touch

"I am a teacher and have experienced voice loss and voice strain many times. Since taking Alexander Technique classes with Frank Kennedy my voice has strengthened and I no longer suffer from voice loss. I also have more energy, confidence and a greater sense of well-being." Aileen McCarthy


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