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Stress and strain, tension and anxiety seem to be a part of everyday modern living. It is accepted as being normal that we are all under pressure – to varying degrees. And stress is not just confined to our heads. It is also locked into our bodies—if we can bring ease to our body it can help ease our mind.Stressed Relaxed Signpost

In our experience, we have observed how the shoulders can act like a storehouse of tension. If your shoulders are tense and hunched when walking, talking, driving and at the computer, you are directly contributing to your stress levels.

Our Tip
Try and practice being mindful of keeping your shoulders relaxed and down when you are performing daily activities.

Handling daily stress with the Alexander Technique

  • The Alexander Technique will teach you to consciously release tense muscles. This will improve posture and help you perform daily activities with poise, calm and confidence – leading directly to reduced stress levels.
  • By being mindful of our actions and re-actions in daily living, we can use this powerful tool to relieve stress and physical strain.
  • During your Alexander Technique lessons, you will learn to bring a degree of conscious choice into their day to day living.

For so many of our clients, this technique provides the complete answer when it comes to learning to manage the stress and physical strains of modern living. The Alexander Technique is a gentle and effective mind / body method.

If you suffer from stress, we believe you need to learn this skill for living which can help you manage and ultimately overcome stress. Through one-to-one lessons with an experienced Alexander Technique practitioner, your quality of life can improve significantly.

Find out how the Alexander Technique can help you manage your stress levels - get in touch

"The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralysing stage fright." William Hurt, actor


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