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The paper asked Dr Adam Al-Kashi, BackCare’s head of research and education, for the best alternatives and they found the Alexander Technique to be the best method which also assessed and took into account treatments like  acupuncture, Pilates, osteopathy  and many more techniques.

For the Alexander Technique specifically, they reported as follows:

Alexander Technique
Evidence: The latest and most comprehensive study published in the British Medical Journal showed the Alexander Technique can reduce back pain by a staggering 85%, offering more significant long-term benefits than having a massage or standard medical care.

How it works: Students learn to recognise, understand and prevent the consequences of poor postural and movement habits. By improving postural tone, co-ordination, mobility and balance, they experience a significant reduction in back pain. Dr Al-Kashi says: “In one particular study, the benefit was not only sustained up to the 12-month follow-up but continued.”

Success rating: 5/5

Independent research from all over the world continues to identify the Alexander Technique as the best way to treat your back pain. And if you suffer from back pain, why not find out for yourself. Get in touch with us today and set up an appointment.