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The Alexander Technique is used in industry and commerce as part of wellness programmes to relieve stress and strain in the workplace. Office workers can spend up to seventy thousand hours in a lifetime sitting at a desk. Sitting with legs crossed, back slouched and shoulders hunched restricts internal organs, strains muscles and joints causing pain and discomfort.

Good posture is fundamental to health and wellbeing, enhances appearance and is the hallmark of confidence.

The Alexander Technique gently releases tense muscles, improves posture and guides people in how to perform daily activities without stress and strain. 

I regularly conduct in-house seminars that provide practical guidance to employees on relieving neck, back and muscular pains, repetitive strain injuries, tension headaches and stress. For further information contact Frank Kennedy

Previous workshops include: 

  • Corporate WorkshopsIrish Management Institute 
  • PricewaterhouseCooper 
  • Radio Telefís Éireann 
  • European Piano Teachers Association 
  • International Kodaly Society 
  • Association of Irish Choirs 
  • The Department of Public Enterprise 
  • Music Network 
  • The Central Bank 
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland 
  • The Migraine Association
  • Dell
  • Consumers Association


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